Sunday, November 15, 2009

my plan

how many chance i have?? how many way i have...

1st i wish i can continue stay at Kelantan. the way is enter USM for Degree programe in Nursing.
2nd s.. f available will be cont with collage. study at USM and follow collage for 9 years.. oo no..

my ages today is 21 + 9years = 30 years... wah.. i hate this situation..

3rd is enter KKM . works with KKM is The best one but.. i should think.... my servise in Church. f i decide follow KKM could i continues walk in True spiritual Development..

4th should be work with any pirate Health Depatment

God lead me on... i know u will lead me.. i wish i can serve u forever.. just show me the true way and i will stay with you....

please dont lets me take wrong way k.. i wish that so.. my Lord.

my real past times s great u know.. anyway it could b forever. its seems to be a nice touch for a moment...
crazy season 2007!!!....smack down you Head Bro... that's not really cute Cagrites b with u mouth..

its ok romie.. i know you loves batter then before towrds ur self.. stop smoking rite?? hihi.. Life s enjoy. no one blame me.. no one hate me.. no one knowing me.. no one care.. ups to u la kan romie..

o ya lastnight a girl chating ..
i blame her and ask for her bf first b4 chat me. then she told me she has bf and ask for could i b freind with him.. i said.. of coz but not more then that..

we share many things and we are really closed.. she can advise me.. and i think foward she can be my bestfriend..

i already told him.. im post smoker.. yeahhh i should tell everyone i alredy stop smoking...

i felt more Health now.. thnks Lord Jesus for transform .. really t q...

Friday, November 13, 2009

apa sudah terjadi dengan keinginan?

i still..... i still romie as before. here's feeling to loves Girl..
i still loves my 1st love therefore too many years left.. i still waiting for his bright loves


not today and after.. i can't do this.. his loves is unvalueable. and i'm nothing for.......
parhaps it is my past times and i shouldn't make its as hope..

she promise a Great Hope.. after i knowing Gods batter and it will be..??. but i'm really confused with my ownself.. is that.. she is the reason i'm going find God Face.. she is the reason i'm going loves God first??

what this all about??
but i know today.. i never take this advantages to loves God.. i know what God wish to me.. and i belong to Jesus.. she is not the reason.. i loves God and God loves me more then i know..

i wish she know about this... i wish she is mine and more than friend. but.. im too shy to say this..
so.. i stop.. and i will never show what i felt to him anymore.
come romie... come to papa... He is Jesus.. the real love. 1st more than 1st love..

just serve God.. do what Mat 28 ; 18-20 order and serve God with faith and loves.. study and get a Job.. 2010 romie is Real stuf in Hosp.... im waiting that time..

thnks 4 take me here..

this is my historical season... God sent me here to learn n growth more..

thanks for loves that you sent me in this place Lord... here i learn to know you more.. i learn how to loves everythings n to be a real Christian... Hope is here.. Church build n present Hope.. i promise bring this hope for you to others..

this is my real promise....

smart vs mengarut

i'm cool today..
today i've too many works to do..
i must focus for it...

no times to think of U.. who're always forget me hihihi...

zaman kegemilangan 2007

too many mistakes i've done in my life..
there s no point to me to be Good people. and i knew most wishes for a thousand plans to repair bad sector in this life.. but still on bad statmanst! i Failed...

there's reason i need to smoke.. 1st s i felt bored towards my life..
2nd is strassed a lot and 3rd is.. no one care and understand me..

But i knew it now.. there's no need to be metalic people.. and i must break with tobacco.. and i know there's people wish that i'll stop....

inside my heart.. i wish that i can stop it. today i've left 1months and i'm on trial to stop..

yupss.. its really hurt to stop... i already sufered!! and i become cruel and anger.. i hate people and i hate unindexable friends..

But inside deep in my heart... there's special smile. there's great proud to own myself. only Jesus can change me up again.

todays s batter than yesterday..

oo.. God.. thnks a lot for last yesterday events..

Hope KB always Growth.. Becoz u loves us .. Thanks 4 that..

somethings unknown events must be happen during this MNC......

God loves me...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


bosan tiada teman hidup lagikan romie?? pada paginya bermanja dengan Firman.. siangnya bergurau senda dengan Tegurannya.. dan malam merenungkan pengorbananya.. adakh itu tidak cukup lagi romie?? iya sebaiknya macam tu lahh... teman hidup sebaiknya iyalah kasih Yesus. lagipun menjadi Boyfriend diri sendiri kan lebih gempak..... staring pada diri sendiri untuk masa depan.. emm apa pa je la pokss...

already Done

Hari ni hari yang sangat boring bagiku..
aku tidak tahu nak buat apa.. saya hanya mengimbas masa laluku yang sangat rocks..

maafkan saya romie.. bukannya apa saya merokok.. romis yang mahu.. tapikan dah janji nak berhenti???

larr dah arr pun.. lama dah pun. makin sehat lah ne kang..

pha pun this is mine... perokok means Evil?? tak pasal2 evil d persalah?? diri sendiri yang sengaja jatuhkan?? tak apa romie.. memang orang melihat dari luaran.. bimbinglah romis tu baik sikit.. dah jadi pasukan perawat takakn tak jadi mentor patient pula.. wah.. hidup aku d mana ne??

dulu aku pernah berkata.. aku pun sama seperti dia juga poks.. eh eh.. xtau.. iya aku mau beritahumu.. aku merokok macam dia juga... dia d mana.. dan aku d mana... aku merokok juga.. emm memang derita untuk berhenti... tapi aku rasa semakin sehat larr.. beberapa bulan.. emm minggu.. emm hari... xpanting.. yg penting i can do it

apakah maksudnya??

karyaku Hanya Untuk kemuliaanmu
yang mati untukku
dikayu salib....

Saturday, November 7, 2009

updated rockers time

i'm really happy..

hye there..

please to meet u Here.. I just wan'na Enjoy true socialnetwork in my life..
Huhuhu.. this is my first time Created own bLog.yeah yeah hihi