Sunday, November 15, 2009

my plan

how many chance i have?? how many way i have...

1st i wish i can continue stay at Kelantan. the way is enter USM for Degree programe in Nursing.
2nd s.. f available will be cont with collage. study at USM and follow collage for 9 years.. oo no..

my ages today is 21 + 9years = 30 years... wah.. i hate this situation..

3rd is enter KKM . works with KKM is The best one but.. i should think.... my servise in Church. f i decide follow KKM could i continues walk in True spiritual Development..

4th should be work with any pirate Health Depatment

God lead me on... i know u will lead me.. i wish i can serve u forever.. just show me the true way and i will stay with you....

please dont lets me take wrong way k.. i wish that so.. my Lord.

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