Sunday, November 15, 2009

my real past times s great u know.. anyway it could b forever. its seems to be a nice touch for a moment...
crazy season 2007!!!....smack down you Head Bro... that's not really cute Cagrites b with u mouth..

its ok romie.. i know you loves batter then before towrds ur self.. stop smoking rite?? hihi.. Life s enjoy. no one blame me.. no one hate me.. no one knowing me.. no one care.. ups to u la kan romie..

o ya lastnight a girl chating ..
i blame her and ask for her bf first b4 chat me. then she told me she has bf and ask for could i b freind with him.. i said.. of coz but not more then that..

we share many things and we are really closed.. she can advise me.. and i think foward she can be my bestfriend..

i already told him.. im post smoker.. yeahhh i should tell everyone i alredy stop smoking...

i felt more Health now.. thnks Lord Jesus for transform .. really t q...

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